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"​I used ​Premium Garage Door & Gate Repair for my garage door that was broken and had great experience with them. They were very professional, came on time, knew the job and reasonable prices. Easy to work with and highly reccomend them."   - David J.

There are all kinds of new garage door out there to be installed, with everything from basic security measures to high tech features that can give your home a much safer feeling.

Garage Door Repairs

A broken garage door can be the result of years of wear on your garage door mechanisms or the sudden break of your door opener's hardware. Plus, a malfunctioning garage door can seriously affect your schedule and security at your home.

Garage Door Installation

We install new garage doors and overhead doors. We provide Beauty and reliability that's affordable. Choose from traditional style doors or we can custom build a door that is best for the budget at your home office or busines.

Electric Gate Services

We install or repair walk-through gates, pedestrian gates and driveway gates plus fix damaged gates, posts, malfunctioning motors and broken hinges at residential/commercial properties. Our gate repair service is available to serve you now.

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Your garage doors and electric gates are very essential to you whether you own a house or a company. If they weren't, you wouldn't have bothered installing them or searching for a home that already had them. Perhaps you want to install a new garage door or have an automated gate installed. In any case, Superior Garage Door & Gate Repair is able to meet all of your demands and objectives in addition to providing coverage for you. Call us for all of your garage door repair and electric gate requirements whether you own a home or commercial property in the USA. You can reach us at any moment by calling 8882675541, if you are already looking for it. Always expect an answer from one of our kind and helpful staff members. Although there are many garage door and gate repair companies, we stand out. Some people think it's strange that we mixed the two, but we think it makes perfect sense. Both the entry to your land and the entrance to your house or place of business may be taken care of by us. Metaphorically speaking, it kills two potential problems at once. If it sounds inhumane, think of it as catching two baseballs with one glove. Offering both services is solely for the clients' convenience.

Step 1: Call our toll-free 24hr Support Line

No matter the time, or day our customer service representatives are available to book your $19 Service-Call.for a time that works best for you!

Step 2: A Technician will arrive in 45 mins.

Within 45 minutes a expert repair technician will arrive at your door and inspect the issue. Upon your approval, we'll begin fixing the problem.

Step 3: Relax While Our Pros Handle It

Attempting to repair a broken spring or opener can be deadly. So just Sit back and relax - Let our professional techs take your worries away!


Maybe it has gone far beyond merely being an odd noise and is even irreparable.
In this situation, you could want the installation of a fantastic new garage door or a totally new automated gate.
Of course, you may just call us out to inspect the issue, and our devoted service professionals will frankly respond to your inquiry. Saving our clients money in the long run is crucial, thus if a new installation would be more expensive than a repair, we would choose the latter.Even if the expense of repairs does not outweigh the cost of replacement, there are still other circumstances in which you might need to replace something like a garage door. A garage door opener that was manufactured before 1993 is no longer secure. 

Actually, the federal government mandated that all of these be replaced due to safety hazards. If you have one of these, then chances are that your whole garage door is in bad enough shape to simply be replaced. There are a lot of factors to look into when considering a new installation for either a gate or a garage door. Our dedicated associates will always be there to help you through the process and answer any questions you may have.
With any such luck, you just need a simple repair. Or you may need a complete replacement. An automatic gate repair, garage door repair or electric gate repair are all right up our alley. If a repair is what you need then that is what you will get. We will never try to sell you a new installation just because we would like the money. What can we fix? Everything. From the garage door springs to the tracks that the garage door rollers are on. Automatic gate repair services? Of course, and we can repair everything from the wheels to the security systems and openers. Whether you have a motor problem or just need your remote control rewired, Premium Garage Door & Gate Repair can do it for you with ease. The best part about all of our services? We will work with your insurance company after a disaster like a hurricane, tornado, flood or any other such event. It is important to check that the garage door or gate repair service that you contract after such an incident, will work with your insurance company.

24x7 Emerge​ncy Repair Service & Trusted Garage Door Installation Technicians Serving Since 1994

You may end up paying out of pocket for everything otherwise. - It Is The Most Important Entry To Your Home and Property Your gate is what keeps the clowns and rioters off your front lawn, and your garage door is what keeps your car safe. Even if you are not in great need of repair or a new installation package, you can call us to evaluate your garage door or gate. Once evaluated, we can help you determine how to better reinforce and secure them. These are dark days for the world and for the United States. So this is one of the best ways to protect yourself, your family and your property. Do not wait until it is too late.

A home invasion could happen any day, and a bad storm could blow through tomorrow. Secure your garage doors, your automatic gates, and yourselves before something shows you that you should have already. Remember, we are open and on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and all year round. It is never too early or too late to call Premium Garage Door & Gate Repair and get it all taken care of today!

Not only we carry all the best brands on the market for garage doors and electric gates, but we also have the rest too! For us, it is all about what fits our customers wants and needs. You may want an overhead door that swings up for your home or one that rolls up for your business. Maybe you would like a wooden garage door that opens out in the middle. Regardless of what you want, we have it and we will deliver. Every home has different standards and every commercial property has different needs. It all depends on how your home or business operates when it comes to what you need. Maybe you need an automatic gate with all the best security features. Your business may just need the easiest and simplest garage door to receive or send out freight from. You can get started simply by giving Premium Garage Door & Gate Repair a call at 8882675541 right now! We will get you set up with the best new installation package we have that fits the needs of your commercial or residential property.